I work across a wide spectrum of media, including drawing, painting, photography, video and performance. Currently sound is my principal medium. I work with sound as both an acoustic process, occurring through time, and as an occupier of space. I am interested in boundaries, spatial and temporal, that both separate and join. Sound permeates boundaries, transforming both itself and what it touches.

I have created video works that are still essentially sound-based, in that the sound element is at least as important as the visual. Much of my work relates to landscape, incorporating elements from the natural environment. Since moving to the coast, the seaside landscape has become of great interest to me. The slow tidal rhythms infuse my work, and the ever-changing boundaries of land, sea and sky continue to fascinate me.

I started out as a painter, and that is still part of my practice, complementing the time-based work. I have included here some of my life drawings. I have drawn and painted from life since I was sixteen years old, and the human body is still a source of inspiration to me. I am also a photographer, seeking the significant in the apparently banal.

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