In late 2017 I returned to visual art after a period in which I concentrated primarily on sound. The life drawings here are selected images from several decades of work. Drawing from life is a discipline and stimulus that has been part of my life since my late teens. The human body is endlessly fascinating in its variations in shape, movement, weight and age. There have been times in my life when I have neglected my drawing, but I always come back to it. It is an essential part of being an artist, as far as I am concerned, even one who now works primarily in a non-visual medium. Life drawing teaches you to see, which really means to perceive, and that learning can be translated into the senses of hearing and touch.

The other works here are more difficult to talk about, as they are a product of instinctive drives and intuitions. Certain shapes and formulations re-occur. I let them make their own space. There is a tension between imposed order and chaos. Some of these images are completed paintings, others transitional concepts – markers on a journey with no predetermined destination.

I’ve added a gallery of black and white ink drawings from October 2017.

The January 2018 gallery is a selection of ink and watercolour drawings.

Also included is a gallery of earlier works.

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Life drawing 2